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Sourcing & Supplier Management

Backed by 15 years of experience in the home appliance and electronics industry, Eudock offers its customers access to an extensive network of preferred suppliers to ensure the best service and result.

Through this long involvement in the industry, we have built up resources and experience in working with international brands and suppliers to deliver products that meet our customers' requirements, whether they are off-the-shelf or custom-made. 

Trading in consumer electronics and household appliances can sometimes be risky and full of imponderables, but our organization is set to manage it from day one.

We have local representatives in every market where we are present, who serve as a central point of contact for our customers. Through simple and localised communication, we make sure our clients' needs are well understood. Our back-office team takes care of the rest, delivering what was promised to our customers. 

Eudock delivers innovation and efficiency to our customers by continuously improving our supply chain management processes.

We offer a comprehensive range of services across all dimensions of a company's supply chain, including:

  • Planning: forecasting, sell-in and sell-out management, inventory management.

  • Fulfilment: order management, quality control, documentation, transportation and planning, warehousing and distribution.

  • Quality control: factory audit, pre-shipment inspection, inspection during production and container loading control.

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